The McKinsey OCAT


The McKinsey Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) is based on a framework developed specifically for nonprofits and social enterprise organizations. This web-based tool defines nonprofit capacity across ten elements—from vision/mission to leadership to marketing to technology and more. The objective is to implement smart, effective organizational changes. 

How Does It Work?

The consultant administers the OCAT and collects, interprets and prepares detailed reports of the data. Responses are confidential, and ratings and comments are never identified to a specific individual.

A meeting with the CEO and select management team members is then held to review the initial report and explore themes and insights that should be translated into action plans in a subsequent meeting with staff. 

The OCAT is a sophisticated tool and its power lies in translating organizational capacities into strategies to boost organizational performance to a new level. 

It is most appropriate for mid- to large- size organizations (20 or more staff) but can be modified to meet the needs of smaller programs.

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